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IP to IP translation

IP to IP translationCrystal Vision's IP translator is ideal for any applications where network settings need to be changed in some way.

Featuring four bi-directional 10GbE IP network interfaces, the IP-IP-VF de-encapsulates and re-encapsulates baseband video (up to six HD/SD or three 3Gb/s), with flexible assignment of the flows to the networks.

Initially supporting the SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2022-7 protocols, its flexible platform means that it can be reconfigured via a software upgrade for the new standards as they emerge.

Broadcasters are discovering they have all sorts of new issues to solve using IP and the IP-IP-VF could be the ideal product to solve them.

It can be used for network address translation ideal for connecting systems with conflicting IP addresses. It can be used to translate multicast addresses to unicast addresses useful for those who want to distribute IP encapsulated video flows. Its ability to be upgraded via software to handle the new standards makes it ideal as a protocol translator. And as a firewall it's fast enough to handle multiple video flows.

Features include clean switching between flows, sophisticated synchroniser features (including PTP), unicast and multicast transmission support, signal status monitoring and up to ten frames of video delay.

Vision frame system

IP to IP translator

  • IP-IP-VF IP to IP translatorIP-IP-VF IP translator which de-encapsulates and re-encapsulates video (up to six HD/SD or three 3Gb/s) via four bi-directional 10GbE IP network interfaces, making it ideal for translating network addresses, IP protocols and unicast to multicast addresses - e-mail us for more information and a copy of the preview brochure

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