PC control software

PC control softwareUsing software is one popular control option offered by Crystal Vision. Crystal Vision's control software is available in four versions.

VisionWeb provides web browser control of any remote-enabled products in both the Indigo and Vision ranges, with the Statesman Lite PC control software available for the Indigo frame system only.

SNMP is ideal for integrating any Crystal Vision products into a universal control system and includes alarms setting. The MultiLogo Control Software is dedicated software for the logo keyers and clipstores in the Indigo range.


VisionWeb ControlAvailable in both Indigo and Vision frame systems

VisionWeb ControlVisionWeb Control is a free-of-charge way of operating the full Crystal Vision product range from a web browser running on any device connected to the same network from PC to tablet.

VisionWeb uses a board's XML control interface, which is stored in the front panel of all Vision 3 frames and Indigo 'AE' or 'SE' frames running software V5.0 or later.

To access the control menus, simply type the IP address of the frame into your web browser, or use the browser's Bookmarks or Favourites to easily navigate between frames and boards.

VisionWeb Control was initially launched for the Safire 3 chroma keyer in 2013, and rolled out for the full Crystal Vision product range on 24th July 2014.

VisionWeb is now Crystal Vision's main control software.

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Statesman LiteAvailable in Indigo frame system only

Statesman LiteStatesman Lite is Crystal Vision's traditional PC control software which allows control and status monitoring of our remote-enabled boards in the Indigo range from any PC on a network via Ethernet allowing control from anywhere.

Statesman Lite allows easy installation of your Crystal Vision boards - for free.

To use Statesman Lite you will need the basic Windows based software this is available on a CD from Crystal Vision or as a website download by following the link below.

Statesman Lite is not available for the Vision frame system.

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SNMPAvailable in both Indigo and Vision frame systems

SNMPSNMP monitoring and control is available for Crystal Vision's remote-enabled boards. SNMP is included for free in the Vision 3 frame, while one SNMP licence needs to be purchased for each Indigo frame.

Crystal Vision's SNMP can work with any SNMP manager. With SNMP monitoring, the agent can either report the status or generate traps on a status change of any board in the frame. With SNMP control, the manager can read and change the value of control settings on any board in the frame.

Using SNMP requires a Vision 3 or Indigo 'AE' or 'SE' Crystal Vision frame, the purchase of the front panel SNMP agent (when using Indigo) and appropriate MIBs.

The latest MIBs are available for download from the Registered Area on this website. Log into the Registered Area to download the MIBs file to do so you will need your Registered Area username and password. Alternatively request a Registered Area password now.

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MultiLogo Control SoftwareAvailable in Indigo frame system only

MultiLogo Control SoftwareThe MultiLogo Control Software is designed exclusively for controlling the MultiLogo logo keyers and the Clip N Key clip and sting stores.

It makes it easy to get your logos on screen within a few minutes.

Perfect for setting up keying applications in advance, the MultiLogo Control Software runs on the graphics computer and allows easy board control and files conversion.

This free software is included on a CD with all purchases of MultiLogo and Clip N Key. A simpler, cut-down version of the software is available for Clip N Key.

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