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What customers say...

Crystal Vision's approach, technical expertise and professionalism are superb and dealing with them is a really refreshing experience.

Colin Smith, Senior Engineer at Moving Picture Company, UK

Crystal Vision makes infrastructure and keying products for broadcast engineers in the television industry.

IBC 2022Providing logo and chroma keyers and the full range of interface, we specialise in up and down converters, synchronisers, routing switches, audio embedders, video delays and profanity delays - products that regularly win the big project evaluations.

Our video over IP products - software apps that run on media processor hardware - are the easiest way for your systems to grow and mature with the transition. They can work with IP (ST 2022 and ST 2110), with SDI or with both IP and SDI at the same time.

Why do engineers choose our products? Because people like dealing with us.

We're known for our quick delivery, competitive pricing, responsive customer support and five year warranty. We have headquarters in the UK, a sales and support team in the USA and distributors across the world - making it easy to buy the products, wherever you are.

Products with features you won't find elsewhere

Video interface

Video interface

Everything you need for converting, distributing, delaying, processing and synchronising your video signals... discover more

Audio interface

Audio interface

Deal with embedded or separate analogue, AES and Dolby E audio, with our embedders, de-embedders, converters, distribution amplifiers and delays... discover more

Chroma keying

Chroma keying

Create realistic virtual images with our real-time chroma keyers, perfect for any live bluescreen or greenscreen application - from weather to the most demanding virtual studio... discover more

Logo keying

Logo keying / Picture scaling

There's a choice of products for adding graphics to video sources and scaling pictures. Add one simple logo, get powerful video and audio branding with three-layer keying and storage for 500 graphics, inset two picture-in-picture boxes, perform the smoothest picture squeeze, or store 300 seconds of moving video to play out wipes... discover more

Video over IP

Video over IP

Our IP products are software apps that run on the MARBLE-V1 media processor hardware, making it easy to change the functionality when your needs change. They can work with IP, with SDI or with both IP and SDI at the same time. Our apps provide gateway functionality, IP to IP translation, chroma keying, linear keying, video delay, profanity delay, colour correction, legalising, picture-in-picture and fail-safe switching... discover more


Frames and control

Our products are individual boards that need to be housed in rack frames. Choose the Vision system if you're planning an IP installation or would like extra features on your SDI products, and choose the Indigo system for three frame sizes and the biggest range of boards. Plus select your control method... discover more about frames and discover more about control


Support from the industry's most responsive company

User manuals

User manuals

It's easy to get step-by-step instructions on product operation: detailed PDF user manuals are available for download from our password-protected Registered Area... log in and download manuals. Also available to help get you up and running are some quick start guides...



Download the brochure you need - from the Indigo and Vision Product Range catalogues for an overview of what we do, to individual leaflets for each board where you can find block diagrams, technical specs, ordering information and more... view the brochures

Product registration

Register your products

There's a big benefit to registering your Crystal Vision products: you'll upgrade the standard three year warranty to five years... register your products

Get our project design help

Project design help

Broadcasters often talk to us when they are beginning to plan a project - with project design a complimentary service we offer. Just tell us what you want to achieve with your system, and we'll work out the best way to do it... get our project design help

Contact sales

Contact the sales team

Our knowledgeable sales team can answer your technical questions, demo the products, provide a quote or put you in touch with your local distributor... discover more

Contact customer support

Contact customer support

We're known for our reliable, long-lasting and easy-to-use products, but if you need help our UK and USA customer support teams are at the end of a phone or e-mail - with a full rack of equipment set up to mimic any installations... discover more