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Statesman Lite

Statesman LiteStatesman Lite is Crystal Vision's original PC control software which allows control and status monitoring of our Indigo remote-enabled boards from any PC on a network via Ethernet.

Statesman Lite development ceased in 2016 and - while remaining functional - any bugs relating to current Statesman and frame code releases and new frame code releases cannot be supported. For detailed information about Statesman Lite, please read the brochure.

The recommended new way to control Crystal Vision boards is by using the web browser-based VisionWeb Control.


Download Statesman Lite

Download Statesman LiteYou can download the Statesman Lite software below. To use the free Statesman Lite you simply need to install the software.

The current version of Statesman Lite is 4.61 which was released on 8th July 2016.

Before installing the software, remove any previous versions of Statesman including the installation folder and old settings.


Download Statesman Lite product GUIs

Download latest Statesman product GUIsYou can download the latest product GUIs, and then follow the instructions below to install the GUIs into your current version of Statesman Lite.

The current version of the GUIs is 4_61_14013 which was released on 8th July 2016.

(If you are using Statesman Lite to control the Safire 3 chroma keyer, please continue to use the 4_51_9233 GUI file from 17th July 2013 instead.)

To install the product GUIs...

  • Download and save the .sql product GUI file to your PC
  • Open Statesman or Statesman Lite
  • Click on Data > Update Control Panel Data
  • Click the Use Local File Button
  • Navigate to the sql product GUI file, and click Yes when asked if you want to do the update
  • Restart Statesman or Statesman Lite once the update is complete

Need help?

If you need assistance installing Statesman Lite or updating your product GUIs or you have any questions about the Statesman Lite PC control software, please contact our support team.


Full Statesman discontinued information

Crystal Vision is no longer selling the full paid-for version of Statesman (part no. ST4DONGLEUSB02).

There will be no further development, including no bug fixes.

We will provide dongles, allowing existing Statesman users to install the current or previous versions of the full Statesman software.

If requested new licence codes will be issued.

For those currently using the full version of Statesman, the user manual can still be found in the Registered Area on this website.

Need help?

If you have a question about our discontinuation of the full Statesman software, please contact our support team.


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