Quick start guides

Quick start guidesOur time-saving quick start guides will get you ready to start using the product you've just purchased by walking you step-by-step through the product setup process.

Need more detail? The product user manuals contain full operational information and can be downloaded from the password-protected Registered Area. If you would like to download manuals, ask us for a Registered Area password now.

Vision frame system

The Vision quick start guides will help you get your software apps up and running. These easy-to-follow one page documents provide a top level outline of the steps required to configure a Vision 3 frame and a MARBLE-V1 media processor running a software app - as well as directing you to relevant pages in the user manuals for more detailed information.

IP/SDI keyers quick start guides

IP/SDI picture-in-picture quick start guide

IP/SDI routing switch quick start guide

IP/SDI video delays quick start guide

IP/SDI colour corrector quick start guide

Indigo frame system

The Indigo frames quick start guide explains how to use a PC web browser to set up Indigo frames fitted with frame software V4.6 and above, via an Ethernet network. Learn how to set the frame's default IP address, how to set up a PC's LAN controller to access the frame and how to access the Setup pages to program a new IP address.

Indigo frames quick start guide